Sermon Series

From the current and most recent to the oldest.

Follow the links, by clicking on the headings, to find the sermon videos & audios!

This is our current sermon series. We are going through the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:3-12. There will be videos for all of these sermons.

Acts was a sermon series running from May 2020 to May 2021. There should be videos for all but possibly one of these which had some technical difficulties.

2 Peter was a sermon series running from mid-March to early May 2020. Here you can listen to those sermons and even watch some. All of these sermons are being done by Pastor Caleb.

1 Peter was a sermon series running from January to mid-March 2020. You can listen to all sermons from 1 Peter here.

Here you will find some Holiday sermons. This is starting with Resurrection Sunday 2020 and on from there. Here you will likely find videos of the sermons on top of audio recordings.

Only the last three sermon series will have there own links. For sermons older than that, you can go here to listen to all of those.