Adult Education: Current Bible Studies

Genesis (Sundays @ 9:30 AM)

We are now talking about Genesis for Sunday School. Learn what the begingings of the Bible and all of creation is all about. Pastor Joel and his summer intern will be leading the class with the help of the church elders. All are welcome to come and join Sunday morning before the main service.

Women of the Bible (Tuesdays @ 10 AM)

All (men and women) are welcome to attend this class on Tuesday mornings meeting at the church on Women of the Bible. Going through one by one some of the women of the Bible, both influential ones and ones you may not have heard much about. Come to learn more. Beginning January 12 at 10 AM.

Mid-Week Fill-Up (Wednesdays @ 6 PM)

We are currently going through topical studies in the Bible, and all are welcome to join. There is fellowship and a light meal available ahead of time, starting at 6, with the Bible studies themselves starting at 6:45 PM.


Greek - If you have any interest in learning biblical Greek, please talk to Caleb about your interest. This may eventually become a class if enough people are interested.

If you have a class that you would like to see taught, please see the pastors, Caleb or Joel and they will see what they can do about getting a Bible study going for it. Or you can send them, or the church, an email.